dissabte, 2 de febrer del 2013

Jornada de Formació

El passat 19 de gener, a la nostra Assemblea Territorial, vàrem organitzar una jornada de formació pels nostres membres i simpatitzants. Si no vas poder venir, contacta amb nosaltres per participar en la propera.

Resposta de la Casa Blanca

The White House

Petition Response: Our Response to the People of Catalonia
By Caitlin Hayden, Deputy NSS Spokesperson and Assistant Press Secretary

Thank you for your petition regarding the people of Catalonia. The United States recognizes the unique culture and traditions of the Catalan region, but considers the status of Catalonia to be an internal Spanish matter. We are confident that the Government and the people of Spain will resolve this issue in accordance with their laws and Constitution.

Tell us what you think about this petition and We the People.

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